Our Story

Your skin is a celebration of you. It’s probably the first thing you notice in the morning, and it
influences so much about how others see you. At Esse, we’re on a mission to help women
feel great in their own skin, using the strength and qualities of flowers, seeds, flaxes, fruits
and grasses to boost your natural beauty.
For us, every body is a garden. You deserve to thrive and grow. In a world where our skins
are under seige from the foods we eat, stress, pollution and so much more, Esse is the
calming influence you need in your life. Our secret recipes have been passed down from
mother to daughter. Our products are beautiful, simple and intended to help you feel your
We make our beautiful sensual oils from the very best ingredients we can ethically source
from across the world. They’re then pressed and hand blended in small batches using
aromatherapy-grade essential oils to make skin therapies that nourish, relax, refresh, sustain
and invigorate.
You’ll love how they feel. You’ll love how they make you look. But most of all you’ve love
what Esse does. We pour care, love, attention and goodness into every ounce of what we
craft. So you can feel like your best you, every day.